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About DJ Eyezee #

I'm DJ Eyezee (formerly I.Z.), an industrial / futurepop / synthpop / EBM / powernoise / goth DJ from the Midwest. I have been DJing actively since 2000, with the past decade seeing less frequent activity.

History #

I started DJing back in 2000 at 90FM WWSP. I took over the Industrial Zoning radio show, and ran that until 2005. At that time, I didn't have a "DJ name", and someone introduced me as "the DJ of I.Z.", and I adopted DJ I.Z. Operating under that name for several years, I learned that there was an incredibly famous DJ Iz who had been operating long before me. As my DJing has waned, I felt it was time to transition to DJ Eyezee

Outside of the Industrial Zoning radio show, I have done guest DJ slots on several online stations, including RantRadio, Interface Pirate Radio in the UK, and had other podcasts including "The Next Wave" on Digitally Imported (DI.FM), and the longest-running "Plagued By Rhythm" from 2004-2016.

Current activity #

For the past decade, life has taken me in different directions where the love of the music is still there, but the time doesn't always exist to set aside for a weekly podcast. I transitioned in 2019 to the "Dark Times Ahead" podcast, which is put out on a more sporadic basis. Primarily nostalgia for the music in my collection, I still use this show to highlight new music that has caught my attention.