Plagued By Rhythm - 3/17/2013
Hosted by: DJ I.Z.
Duration: 1:02:02

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Getting caught up on new and newer releases this week - including a double-shot of Diverje

DiverjeThis Disease [Original Version]War Within MeDSBP Records
HocicoRuptura [Motherfucker 667 Rmx by Combichrist]Cronicas Letales IVOut Of Line
AesthetischeRed TrackersNachtbrenner EPAlfa Matrix
BiopsyAphluxxo NominalFutronik Structures Vol 6DSBP Records
Idiot StareShould Have BeenUnknown to Millions[Self-Released]
Hanzel und GretylBlitzkrieger und HellriderzBorn To Be HeiledMetropolis Records
Cynical ExistenceFace of GodCome Out And Play
FaderheadSelf ControlFH4L-Tracks
AyriaPlastic Makes PerfectPlastic and Broken EPAlfa Matrix
The AzoicCorruption [Sven Erler 2012 Club Mix]CorruptionNilaihah Records
Sero.OverdoseSerotonin [Dust of Basement Rmx]SerotoninAlfa Matrix
Massiv in MenschThe Way to Oblivion [Clubmix by AndyK from Melotron]The Way to OblivionArtoffact Records
Ghost & WriterHurricane (Splitter)Red FlagsMetropolis Records
DiverjeBurn Away [C-Lekktor Rmx]BurntDSBP Records

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