Plagued By Rhythm - 12/30/2008
Hosted by: DJ I.Z.
Duration: 2:05:54

(Stream no longer available)
(MP3 no longer available)

Second to last show of PBR.


StandegFurther DoseUltra Hightech VioletArtoffact Records
Asmodeus XThe Bright OnesNegative Impact Vol 3PFF Productions
Vicious AllianceCrushed By The SystemCrushed By The SystemCOP Int'l
ReaperX-Junkie [Distatix Rmx]The Devil Is FemaleCOP Int'l
AyriaBad ListSounds From The Matrix 7Alfa Matrix
Darker Days TomorrowNothing [Harder]NothingErisian Records
C-LekktorSee My HateThe Silence ProcessionCOP Int'l
Aesthetic PerfectionLiving The Wasted Life [Machineries Mix]Machineries Of Joy Vol 4Out Of Line
InformatikNothing GreaterBeyondMetropolis Records
The Parallel ProjectContrastFusionSector 9 Studios
Suicide CommandoNeuro SuspensionAxis of EvilMetropolis Records
SkinjobMAN (Mothers Against Noise)Endzeit Bunkertracks Act IIIAlfa Matrix
Noise ProcessHalf-LifeGround Zer0DSBP Records
In Strict ConfidenceFading Light [Club Mix]Advanced Electronics Vol 5Synthetic Symphony
InterfaceLand of ConfusionMachines Against HungerSigsaly Transmissions
JasonAlacrityMy ApologiesThe Times of Light & IronShinto Records AloneMetropolis Records
Virtual ServerSave MeInstalledA Different Drum
Blind Faith and EnvyMajor PhilosopherThe Charming FactorNilaihah Records
Alice In VideolandShe's A MachineShe's A MachineArtoffact Records
HocicoBlindfoldMemorias AtrasCOP Int'l
MoctanThe SurvivorCome CloserAnt-Zen
KikomanGEFG&HRhumba Muzik
Cervello EletronicoProvocateurNegate The InstigatorCrunch Pod
IrisLands of FireWrathDiffusion Records

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