Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2013

In the ultimate response to the 1%, "Bounty Killer" gives a post-apocalyptic look at how white collar criminals should be dealt with.  Social commentary aside, this is just a fun, bad-ass movie.

In the future, corporate greed has turned the world into a shithole wasteland.  Bounty killers have taken the place of justice, hunting down corporate criminals to bring them to their well-deserved, ugly end - and with a stack of cash and fame to show for it.  Drifter and Mary Death are two of the top bounty killers, with an interesting past.  When their respective pasts start to catch up with them, corporate killers, gypsies and other bounty killers are chasing them across the wastelands.  Drifter is aided by a loveable gun caddy, and Mary Death goes out on her own, crossing paths and trying to kill (or not be killed) by the other.

This was a random movie find that ended up being phenomenal.  The movie is based on a comic that I now would love to read.  To me it has elements of Death Race 3000, Mad Max and Tank Girl, but all in a fresh new line.  With tons of great action and acting, most folks should eat this one up.

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