2008 showed us that the music scene is thriving and doing well.  We had to narrow it down and still came up with 12 albums we felt represented the best of 2008.  We even broke the rules and picked the re-release of V1rtual D3scent's album simply from the response it generated with listeners this past year.

We hope you agree with our picks, and even find releases you may have missed.  As usual, we're putting these in alphabetical order because it's too hard to objectively weigh these releases.  Many have their own merit for being on the list, whether for bringing a new sound or for the masterful work they've done.

- DJ I.Z. and DJ COG_nition

1.  Aesthetic Perfection - A Violent Emotion
From beginning to end, A Violent Emotion is charged with non-stop, sinister energy that is bound to possess dancefloors everywhere.  The well recognized voice of Aesthetic Perfection is still there and as caustic as ever, while a new, lighter, but still subterranean vocal style is also explored in two great tracks.

2.  Colony 5 - Buried Again
In the realm of synthpop, Colony 5 has delivered a phenomenal release in 2008.  Full of emotion, and both powerful and plaintive tracks, this is a great representation that the synthpop scene is going strong.

3.  DYM - The Invilid
We were blown away by DYM's album this year.  A powerful, hard-hitting release, this should turn some heads and assault your eardrums.

4.  Informatik - Beyond
After several years of leaving us wanting more, Informatik has a progressive sound unleased in 2008.  Where previous work was club-friendly, this is a more plaintive album with a lot of emotion, but still Informatik's trademark sound.

5.  JasonAlacrity - The Times of Light & Iron
JasonAlacrity is a great newcomer for 2008.  His album provides a blend of futurepop and electronica, giving a hint of mind.in.a.box, but still a unique edge.

6.  Massiv in Mensch - Meanwhile Back In The Jungle
MiM drops not only the awesome single "Supermassive Gravity", but their full album hit in 2008 and provides great danceable German techno and futurepop, some with vocals and some instrumental.  Truly amazing!

7.  Perfection Plastic - Triomphe de la Matiere
An amazing powernoise release from Perfection Plastic in 2008.  This project mixes up powernoise with more standard noise and experimental bits, without being droning.

8.  SAM - Destruction Unit
This noise project has an old school industrial feel to it at times.  At other times, a lighter techno side emerges.  Either way, this release doesn't merely pop off a beat and a couple of one dimensional effects; careful attention is paid to layering and buildup, and before you know it, you will be blown away.  

9.  Sensuous Enemy - Fragments
This gothic dance project releases a tremendous album for fans in 2008.  Featuring new tracks and remixes, we see Sensuous Enemy progressing and adding more guitars to their work.

10. The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Behind the Gates of Horn and Ivory
The Synthetic Dream Foundation's Behind the Gates of Horn and Ivory bends instrumental EBM towards the mythical and ethereal.  This is a hauntingly well engineered journey into the underworld.

11. V1rtual D3scent - Darkened Skies
After receiving accolades from PlastikSickness in 2007, we can't help but recognize this band again for being signed to DSBP and seeing their album distributed with some excellent remixes.

12. XP8 - The Art of Revenge
XP8 delivers another tremendous release - booming club hits are abound on this, and is guaranteed to make you dance.